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Default Re: What would make this kit worth $4000???

Originally Posted by idrum4fun View Post
Hi Robyn! Ya know, what's really odd about this is that the seller has an excellent feedback rating. Looking at what he sells, he normally provides many pictures. I just don't understand why he posts a hijacked picture of what he may, or may not, have. Makes no sense. I'll be interested to read his reply to you!

Someone's ebay account was hacked. The seller normally sells Kenner branded action figures and not much else. Odd for a big dollar drum set to be listed among the other items. Definitely a scam artist fishing for money. You would think that someone who claims to have owned a 1960's Ludwig drum kit since new would not only want actual pictures of the kit listed so that they can get their asking price, but that they could actually spell things properly too.

Also notice that a lot of the same figures listed by this seller are listed twice....once for a reasonable price, and another time with a very unrealistic price......someone's account was definitely hacked and the scammer is just plain stupid.

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