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Default Re: Big Shout Out to Robyn64 and Peddle Pusher

Originally Posted by robyn64 View Post
update on where I'm at with your kit....I have the money for shipping in my bank, waiting for clearance. drums are packed, hopefully securely, and ready for their journey to you Mark. all should be a go by next week.
thanks for the shout out Mark. it's my pleasure, am happy to be able to help out where I can. hope the kit brings some joy to your life, they sure brought some fun to mine.
sending good vibes and prayers to you and your girlfriend.
I'll be getting ahold of ya soon.
Hey Robyn, I'm looking forward to getting the kit, although I'm not sure when I'll get to play them. If you can send them by Monday, I'll be off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week, I'd like to make sure I'm home when they arrive.
I can maybe call you tomorrow night, but I work until 10, be home by 10:30. Let me know if that works.
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