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Default Re: mystery old avedis cymbal

I've got a photo collection of a few hundred pre Trans stamp cymbals and I can go through to look for similar styles of hammering and lathing. It would help to know the diameter and the weight of yours. I do see lots of lathe chatter and the look of the cymbal does make me think of cymbals made by those Turkish cousins.

This is a trademark I haven't seen before. The top portion of the Ottoman mostly fits the style of the later 1930s to mid 1940s trademarks, but with a few differences. The bottom of the Ottoman portion has dot dot dash dash rather then just dots or dashes. There are a number of other features in the top portion which show that this is not any of the versions we are familiar with. I'd say this fits into the trademark sequence between the Pre Trans Stamps and the beginning of the Trans Stamp on stylistic grounds.

The English portion has a lot of multiple strikes and incomplete strikes making it hard to read. But that also places it as before the Trans Stamps in terms of the technology for striking the die. There might be dots after U.S.A. although it is hard for me to see. The dots could also be some sort of other flaws in the surface. I've run across that in one other Zilco Constantinople example.

Here is a 2018 thread where we discussed some of the changes in the stamping technology:

And here are examples of previously unknown trademarks which have appeared. New trademarks seem to come up at a rate of one per year.

As far as the mounting hole being the modern 1/2" diameter, the changeover from smaller (7/16") seems to be in the late 1950s in the Small Stamp era. But there are lots of older cymbals where the hole has been enlarged to fit modern stands. Here is some info on the hole size changes
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