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Originally Posted by Purdie Shuffle View Post
I would like to add Gravy to the good guys list as well as Mike Layton, Shawn M., latzanimal, Ploughman, Salty, Fer428, Jaghog, greenglassdrum, Rogersling, as well as some of our older members (and my buds,); Kevins, Vintagemore2000 (Mark) and Vinny, Vintagedrumguy.

There's a bunch more, so please don't feel neglected if I left your name out. I just didn't want to make this post too l-o-n-g of a list for a single post. As I see your names added to this list of 'good guys' I will add my kudos and recommendation for you. Having this thread is a great idea and long overdue.

Don't forget Drums2xs. My buddy Rene is one great guy. Recent purchases have been a drum rack w/clamps and some miscellaneous parts. Whatever I'm looking for, Rene seems to have or is able to get it for me very quickly. The nicest part is that I can drop into his shop anytime (the advantage of living only 10 blocks away). Often do so just to chat and see what he's up to. Bob
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