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Default Re: Dec 6, 2010 - Reminder - Sections Closing

The forum will still remain flexible with content if it is good for the site.

The video section has turned into some pretty silly topics not related to much more then personal likes and dislikes in music. Also posting of content which appears to benefit the poster and not for much more then that is not needed here. There is a site already in place for the video content which I will be linking to in the coming weeks.

Remember, if someone posts a video and wants to know what drums are being shown, that is a post that can stay here. If they are just posting a video for fun, then the video site is just that, a site for all funny drumming stuff, favorite bands, favorite videos, personal videos and other drum content like that. The discussions will be less regulated there in regards to people posting.

There is already a site for the general section up and running and it has been in place for 6 months and is active with general drumming questions. It handles all of the questions that are constantly being asked by new visitors and beginners in the vintage and drumming community.

Once the question comes in there, I handle moving it to the forum or if the person asking the question wants to further the discussion I send them a link to the section to post in here. It has been up for 6 months and almost 300 questions have been answered.

The buy/sell and trade will have a new site and new format for selling based on a nice classified section with options to upgrade listings (for a fee) and other nice features for buying and selling. It is set up with different categories to list items in and is a site just related to selling.

The home page is for special listings for high end sets or items. If a seller wants top spot on the home page they can upgrade to be there for a small fee.

This site is also in place with just one small coding issue we are working out.

Once the system is up and running for 4-6 months then the site will have a new module installed that works exactly like eBay, so sellers have the option of selling in the classified section (which is free) or moving over to the eBay style listings.

All the sites will link together, so once they are all live then anyone can join a site and or all of the sites with the same userID and password. We can also manually set people up in all of the different locations.

On paper it all looks functional and works, but we understand that there will be kinks and issues, so we will work on those as they come up.

More in the coming weeks.

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