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Default Re: New Stamp Old Ks

Originally Posted by Drumaholic View Post
When it comes to great sounding K's I have almost a photographic memory. Yes that NOS new stamp is the one. But as to the paper label, new stamps never got those anyway. They stopped within the early intermediate stamp era.
I believe I've found the sellers original sound file from around May 2009, a 20th birthday gift for Dan. Its an .mp3 though and I'm not sure how to attach it. I must have been able to do it sometime in the past but I don't remember how. Of course, I could always hum it for you.

Edit: I just noticed I joined VDF just about the same time I acquired this New Stamp for my son. We already had a number of vintage A's and a couple of Old K's so I wonder what prompted me to join so soon after the purchase of this particular cymbal. I have no recollection.

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