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Default Ludwig Claws

So I have been slowly collecting claws for the Super Classics I'm restoring. This kit is getting lots of time to because of what I went through to get it.

I have 20 claws and was going to start hunting for T rods.

I just realized that 9 of my claws have short necks and the rest have long necks.

T rods won't have the needed clearance with the short ones. So I thought I'd see if anyone wanted to trade for them.

1960's Camco Oaklawn
-13" 16" 20"
Sonor S Class
-12" 13" 16" 22"

Pork Pie Little Squealer Vented 13x7
Yamaha Kabuto Steel 14x5.5
Yamaha Aton Fig Signature 14x6.5
Ludwig 1964 Supraphonic 400 14x5
Ludwig 1968 Acrolite 14x5
SonorS Class 14x5
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