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Default Re: Canadian A Zildjian Flare (aka “bop”) hi hat value?

I don't pick up any detectable price difference between A Zildjian Made in Canada cymbals and A Zildjian Made in USA cymbals. I also don't pick up any detectable price difference between Flange Hats and other models. On the other hand, detecting a difference is tricky because of the inherent level of variability in prices. I've only got 16 examples of Flange Hats, mostly from the 1950s period (Trans Stamp Type II through Small Stamp Type B).

A pair of flange hats like yours (Made in Canada) sold in Dec 2016 for $114. They were 857g over 1352g. There was also a pair of USA Flange Hats with the 1.5" tall version of the 60s stamp which went for $170 in May 2018. They were 1020g over 1043g. The other thing about the 70s version of the flange is that it is larger than the 1950s version. In the 70s version it is over an inch, in the 50s version it is half an inch. The "over an inch" for the 70s version is based on other people's measuring. The half inch for the 50s version is from just going into my drum room and measuring the flange on mine. You could add to the general level of information by measuring the flange on yours.

The current best estimate for 14" hat prices is in my discussion here:

You can scroll down for info on orphans which come after the pairs sold as pairs. A single 70s Flange Hat orphan bottom weighing 1247g sold in Feb 2017 for $46.

Hope this helps.
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