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Default Re: Anyone else get disheartened at all the greed in the vintage drum market?

Originally Posted by idrum4fun View Post
Here's another high-priced MIJ offering...

Sure, it's clean. But, the asking price is high. While there is a "Make Offer" option, I wonder what his bottom line is?

I don't believe this to be a Pearl or Star kit, but possibly Hoshino. Any ideas?

I've been watching this one for awhile myself.

I'm not sure where he came up with that price because there are few if any similar kits going for that price. I mean its " local pickup only" from a place I think is in the middle of nowhere, its unbadged, which takes away half the fun of MIJ kits IMHO, and he doesn't even include the snare!

Well, more power to him if he can get it I guess, but I think he's trying to take advantage of newbies, which isn't cool.
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