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Default Re: Anyone else get disheartened at all the greed in the vintage drum market?

Originally Posted by Whatarethese123 View Post

I should say, I have nothing against the W&A guy, I just find it hilarious getting the Craigslist email daily with that ad in it, for years now. I wish he still had the story up with it.

Now, were you the one who was able to pick up that Ludwig 60s silver sparkle frankenkit that someone listed for $45 a few weeks back in I think Hackensack? I got to that ad about an hour after it was posted and the guy had already had a bite.

More importantly, there's a central NJ craigslist ad that was posted maybe 4-5 years ago that I wish I had screenshotted at 3am one night. I wonder if you saw it too (just so I can confirm I wasn't hallucinating). It was someone selling a super 80s looking drumset, I think blue, with tons and tons of toms, multiple bass drums, tons of cymbals for like $10,000. The highlights of the ad were the pictures of this monstrosity of a drum set, set up on it's rack with the guy's 10 ft long python just chilling across all of it. The ad ended with something like "Also selling 2004 BMW" I got a good chuckle out of that.
No, I didn't get that Ludwig set, in fact, I never saw it. Oh well.

What email do you get from CL about drums? I'd like to know more about that.
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