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Default Re: future of drumheads

Originally Posted by kdg View Post
Back in the day when Calf was king, every music store sold calf tucked and untucked for a reasonable price. Now that we are at least three generations into the plastic era, the low demand of calf requires a higher price than plastic. Yes, Mylar can take more punishment than calf, but I believe that if it was available during the blossoming of the Jazz age it would have still taken hold.
The things that Calf still has over Mylar is the sonic properties (more fundamental , less upper partials) and all the manufacturers have labored to produce heads that sound like calf. I find that it is also much easier to play a soft buzz roll on calf that Plastic.

I have a theory that one of the main reasons the majority of drummers struggle to this day to figure out how to tune their drums is because plastic pretty much stays where you leave it and with Calfskin, one needed to tune-up (and down) their drums daily just to practice or perform.

I think it's exactly like that, to make the same "atmosphere" of a natural sound with plastic skins you have to be very very experienced, like a fox! and you have to strain your body and stay focused continuously, in essence it is not at all pleasant

instead with the natural head any tension sounds good, not monotone, seems to auto-fit and always sounds good both at the center and at the edges, the roll is not very tiring and is pleasant and fun to touch and listen as much as a game, just like it should be the music
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