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Default Re: Dec 6, 2010 - Reminder - Sections Closing

Hey LL

The forum itself was not the first web site. The main Vintage Drum Guide originally called Vintage Snare Drums was the original site that I created to display drums and history.

That grew to a very large size with a lot of traffic and tons of content. Because of that the questions were pouring in. It was very difficult to keep up with the questions and help people in a timely manner alone.

So that is when the forum started. It was a two-fold forum. Send people with questions to get them answered in a way I could keep track of them and also let visitors know when new history and updates were made to the main web site. That is why this section is here and where I post.

Membership is key in making it a success, because I could not answer most of the questions fast enough and that is where other people have stepped in to take up the cause.

All forums go through this exact thing. Once they hit a certain size the content and dynamic change. (that started at least 12-16 months ago) It goes without saying once you add more people to the mix, then more problems begin to arise.

In many cases people migrate from other forums that they no longer want to be a part of and then try and make a new home. It is only a matter of time when past issues find them with former members and the they begin stirring up old wounds.

I'm no rookie to forums and I'm a member of at least 10. Also many
non-drum forums. Forums that are for programs or software have little to no funny business. People want help they get the help and if the admins see anything at all that is not related to getting help, they delete it. No questions asked.

It is the only way to keep advancing the program or software and improving it for new customers.

In retrospect that was the original format of the forum. People ask a question then they get the answer. Rarely anything else was posted.

I originally had a welcome section, a pro drummer section and other sections, but closed them early in the forum. They made no sense to me and I only had them from seeing sections like that on other forums.

Plus many forums have a free-for-all section where anything and any topic can be posted. That is a ticking time bomb....

So I see it as trying to simplify this location and open up others that better serve the community.

As an example here is an email I just got today....

"Hi there. I just wanted to thank you for your site. It was invaluable to me in restoring a newly acquired 1957 Slingerland kit.

Thanks for a wonderful site, the fantastic information, and the service you provide!"

This is what it is all about to me and what is has always been. Providing as much useful information as possible to help people all over the world.

Anything that interferes with that on this forum is really what I want to try and move to a new location.

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