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Default Re: Dec 6, 2010 - Reminder - Sections Closing

It's not often that i speak up in this forum even though i see some things going on that i personally believe are childish and disrespectful.

I think that it's absolutely horrible that these sections will be being shut down because of a few bad seeds (if that is the case). This really was a great place to be able to find good deals from fellow vintage drum enthusiasts.

Sure people can say that that's what ebay and craigslist are for but i just felt a little bit more comfortable getting things in here then those places and also a lot of times i could find stuff here that i couldn't find it those places.

So if those sections are being shut down because of those people that just want to whine and complain and act like a 5 year old child then you are just saying "ok, you win". People can just bust in here and be bullies and because of that we lose something that most of us respected and treated right.

It is said that sometimes the loudest thing you can say to someone is nothing at all. I believe that's true. If someone wants to come in here and be a bully i believe it's best to just ignore them and they will not get what they want and go away. If they are doing anything to harm people in this forum by either trying to hurt them physically or scam them then i believe that can be handled too in a civil manner.

Regardless, the fact is that those sections are going to be closed and because of that i will have less and less of a need to be on this forum. I've been seeing this happen in this forum and i just hope that it doesn't dwindle down to nothing and just be a wasteland.

I will, however, (for now anyways) continue to fight for the forum quietly by continuing to post new threads and respond to posts and PMs respectfully and not misuse the power to do so. I know that there are other people on here will do the same and i can only hope that will keep it afloat for a while until bullies beat us down again and continue their take over of this site.
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