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Default Re: Rogers Swivomatic disassembly tip

I just reassembled a one piece foot-board and the frame. I never thought I'd get it. A previous owner had gotten creative and re-drilled the pedal. So instead of the workable, original 1/4 inch threaded holes, there are now larger oblong holes. So the screws would wander and the holes in the screws wouldn't align wuith the holes in the pedal. Oy.
But I got lucky. And once I did, I put a finishing nail through the hole to 'hold my place.' Didn't have any roll pins, and didn't think, with the condition of the hole, that I'd ever get pins back in.
So I though, 'What the hell,' and used a punch to sink the nail head into the hole.
It worked. It won't come out unless I want it to, it's tight, the hinge is firm, and it looks right.
It seems unusual to find a long foot board pedal that hasn't been re-worked. Even so, there's always a way to get 'em back on the road!
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