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Default Rogers Swivomatic disassembly tip

Maybe everyone else knows this, but I jaut figured it out....

I've been working on a bunch of Swivomatics. Something that has been frustrating me - and from the condition of some used ones, frustrating a lot of people - is removing the heel hinge screw/bolts. These are ingeniously held in place with very small roll pins. Since these are held in place, the rotation occurs within a brass bushing.
The hassle is, these li'l tiny pins are a PITA to remove. Any punches I found were too small or too big.
The Goldilocks of the story is a small finishing nail, cut off and blunted at about a one inch length.
I held it in place with needle nose pliers, sprayed some lube, and tap tap tap. The li'l b*stards came out!
I can tell many people found this frustrating because of the amazing ways people have found to slice and dice the pedals.
This might help a very few people, but we live to serve!
the best thing I've done for my playing is asking a bassist for input...
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