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Originally Posted by mchair303 View Post

Those are just gorgeous! Nice to see you still use your Rogers cymbal stands and high hat with those. I've played on that stage and found it difficult to read the music without a lighted music stand. I assume that's just your play list sitting on the floor down below the high hat.

And your matching canister throne is the cherry on top of the sundae!

Hey Mike!

... and if you've played The Infinity/Hartford, then you KNOW what an incredible venue it is, both acoustically and aesthetically! This was our fourth time in with the Sinatra Show in the Hartford location, plus two in the Norfolk location. We've done well for them, and of course a pleasure to play on our end too! What group did you play the Infinity with? Regarding charts/lights: The show is well rehearsed, thus I don't need charts anymore .. which is a good thing! .. so yeah, that was the play list with vocal and light cues. This time we had an added element and included a tribute to Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole. The incredibly talented Gina Palmieri did the duet with John. I'll attach a pic that Gina wanted to take as she happened to wear a "chrome" dress which matched the Fibes. She got such a kick out of that! I did NOT want to be in the picture, but she insisted. Who was I to argue?! Regarding the Rogers hardware:

I have full sets of Rogers hardware with all my sets Mike! Era correct for both the Rogers and Fibes drums .. and .. they are perfect in function! Seeing as I have played Rogers for the past 17 years, I am most comfortable with their hardware ... including the Swivo-Matic of course! I've got Swivo mounting plates on all my sets! Glad you enjoyed the Fibes canister throne! That is the latest addition. Had that since May of last year! THANKS for the comments Mike!

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