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Default Re: MIJ Wrap Finishes-Let's Rank 'Em-Popular To Rare

Originally Posted by idrum4fun View Post
Some really cool finishes! Glad we're keeping this thread alive! I forgot about my late 60's Crown 3pc kit. Don't quite know what the color is called. Looks like a blue oyster, or something similar, but also has glass glitter flecks in the finish. Very interesting and uncommon!

Also, take a look at this thread I started:

That's the mount! Wow, that's a super rare wrap and a super rare mount! And you also have the factory cymbal mount! What a great Trifecta! That looks like my Olympian kit exactly, right down to the Premier style "hockey stick" wing screws, except mine is blue sparkle. My rack tom also has the receiver mount secured from the inside (like a spur bracket usually is) instead of like the one on the bass drum. That's really cool! I had never seen one until my recent purchase, and then "BAM!", you come along with this picture. Excellent stuff, Brother!

Mark, when you get a chance, can you measure your spur diameter on that kit? Mine were missing on my kit, and I found it odd that 3/8" spurs (standard size) were too big and wouldn't fit in the brackets, and that 5/16" are a little too small. Even when fully tightened, they are still a little loose. I used 5/16" screws to test them out and they fit but wouldn't stay tight enough to not jiggle a little when fully tight. I suppose I could use 5/16" straight rod or 5/16" All-Thread and just wrap some duct or plumber's tape around them where they fit into the mount. I've had to use that trick on rubber tips that are a little too small on stands or spurs.

Also, it looks like there is a chrome, circular knob on the bass drum between the tom mount and the hoop? Is that right?
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