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Default Re: Introduction and my BELOVED new maple kit!

Working on giving the bass drum a wipe down tonight. It's very dusty, but also covered in a super fine mist of white paint overspray. Looks like someone was spray painting too close to the drums. Luckily it's coming off with a little elbow grease. The finish looks amazing underneath besides a couple of little chips and scratches. This pic doesn't do it justice. It's so deep and glassy in person. I can't wait until I have the time to completely break them all down to bare shells and really clean them! This will have to do for now though as I have practice tomorrow. I just love everything about this kit though! It keeps getting better and better!

Also, does anyone know if this 1 black hoop is original? It looks exactly the same shape as the walnut lacquered one, and is obviously old, but I'm not sure if it came that way or not. Almost looks like the kit in the catalog has a black batter side hoop too.

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