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Originally Posted by DrumBob View Post
I have to comment, and please understand I mean no offense. I'm not criticizing. Just trying to understand your MO.

It seems like you are always looking for some unobtainable object, El Dorado as it were, and never seem truly satisfied with anything you buy. One day, you say "this set is a keeper," and a month later, they're for sale. I just don't understand, but obviously, we are different in the way we purchase drums. I buy for keeps in most cases, unless it's something I plan to flip, but I have kits that will remain with me forever. I have had my DW set since 2001. I've had my '64 Slingerlands since '65.

Then again, I'm no psychologist. Whatever works for you is what you should do.
Good for you.
Why does anyone care what or why I sell anything? I'm just going to say this, it's none of your business. If someone wants a good deal on a very clean kit, here it is, if not, fine. I don't feel the need to have to explain why I choose to buy or sell something, but thanks for keeping my post on top.
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