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Default Re: Rescued: Aluminum Badge 8 X 14 Radio King

Originally Posted by marktech View Post
And... you've both got me thinking - since it's going to be more a a collector piece than a player piece for me at present, if I would decide to spend any more time or money on it, what would be the best course of action to take from here? I could put the original bottom hoop and snare wires on it (loosely tensioned) and put it back in its case (where it is now) and consider moving it on someday. I keep an Acrolite on my "daily beater" (Ludwig MIT Accent Combo in red with some 70's A Zildjians around it) which serves me and the grandkids well... everything else is more or less "on the table". Would it be a miracle to find an original top hoop with that elegant rim stamp? Note also the black nylon sleeved rod washers - I put these on to help with alignment and to help compensate for the shell being very slightly out-of-round... maybe those should come off. Also checking to see if I still have invoices or packing lists on this.
Personally I would try to set it up original but I would also play it. I like vintage stuff but im not a collector drums are for playing as far as im concerned. You could certainly leave it as you have it and look for the original parts. They docome up available. You may tru some of the facebook pages if you want togo that route.
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