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Default Re: I Want to Play Better

Me and my old guitar player best friend hung out for a bit yesterday as he went in to city to take his wife to ohare
We set at my table just remembering and then we started to talk music and I pulled out that Hendrix experience book with guitar bass and drums transcription
And we were saying how I know this and can do this or that but it’s really a piece of work
I was saying my daughter said dad you don’t know much and she’s right as she a vocal performance major at cmu ( first time a freshman got a solo in the Xmas concert with the orchestra she did handles messiah rejoice )
But she reads from her music book like nothing ...
So the point I’m making as I and my friend agreed we are ear musicians mainly except for the bass player long time friend also he’s so literate it’s not funny but then again his brain
Is up there he has a photographic ear
And I agreed that there is a level I will never achieve
So bottom line without book smarts we get stuck in our drumming rut and as you grow old it’s harder and harder to break out
Go back to school is my advise I wish I would of stayed in school more I would of understood so much more
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