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Default Re: I Want to Play Better

Originally Posted by johnnyringo View Post
That's true, a great solo isn't what most bands are looking for in a drummer, this was all about just being able to do it. Most of the things I work on in the practice room I'd never do with a band.
I can actually do single stroke rolls pretty good, that's one of my strengths, it's doubles I have the most problems with so I'm going to start working with the practice pad more.
Being a self taught drummer, I missed out on learning all the rudiments correctly, when I look back I wish had joined the band in high school, but at the time I was more concerned with skipping school and having a good time. Unfortunately I hung out with the wrong crowd.
It's funny, I got bored with my practice pad and frustrated with rudiments and I stupidly put it away for awhile, but I just recently broke it out again to finally get my double stroke rolls down. I just leave it on my kitchen counter during the day and everytime I walk into the kitchen I would hit it for 2, 5, 10 minutes or whatever I could spare. I was determined to get it, and I did. It finally came to me, the grip and playing the rebound, and now I can do some very fast doubles both matched and traditional grip with ease! I honestly had almost given up on getting them. It was a breakthrough, and as I said earlier, live for the breakthroughs!

I guess my point is, you can always find time to hit the pad, and that is really where you can make your breakthroughs. You already know how to get around your kit because you've been playing for so long, so you'll easily be able to transfer what you do on the pad to your kit.

One more thing if I may, my teacher has taught me how to play more ergonomically, so I won't get so fatigued when playing. Knowing the rudiments is an important factor in playing more comfortably with less strain. I know you had a problem with fatigue so... That's something that I probably would not have figured out on my own.
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