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Default Re: How Do You Restore A Speed King

I took the "easy" route... I didn't pop off the caps that house the ball bearings. But, nevertheless, my old SpeedKing was FROZEN with gunk and this method worked pretty well...

Basically, there are two screws at the bottom of the pedal under each post that are used to adjust the tension. Unscrew those and take them out. Next, see if the springs andf rods will slide out of the housings (sometimes they stick). Remove them and place them in a pan of something like paint thinner to soak (Do it outside with plenty of fresh air). Take a can of WD40 and saturate the insides of the posts and then take a coat hanger with a bit of cloth wadded up at the end of it and scrub the insides of the post spring housings...repeat as necessary until the wads of cloth stop coming out looking dirty. Once the housings are cleaned, replace the parts in the same orientation as they came out, but before replacing the screws, add a little motor oil to the inside of the housing (30W works just fine) while holding the pedal upside down, replace the screws and then agitate the "axle" several times so that the oil can work itself into the ball bearing housing. Set the pedal on a stack of paper towels for awhile so that any excess leaking oil can escape. Come back every so often and re-agitate the axle and replace the paper towels with clean ones until you see that the oil has stopped leaking.

That's what I did.

-Some people prefer to remove the springs and rods and then soak the entire pedal in something overnight to dislodge any dried grease from the ball bearing housing, but I didn't have enough paint thinner to do that and that seemed like a big mess to me, anyway. I think the "key" to my method is to do it every so often. Eventually, with repeated cleanings, even the oldest caked-on grease should dissolve.

-Some people prefer to pop off the little chrome caps that cover the ball bearing housings and then re-pack them with grease, too. But, I'm afraid of damaging the caps.

WD40 fixes everything!
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