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Default Re: what can i ask for this Fibes Kit?

Originally Posted by heyhowyadoin View Post
12-13-16 toms and 22 floor....very good condition.
this pic is not the actual kit, but exactly like it.

what do you think they're worth??
You really need to post the pix of your kit if you want a realistic evaluation. Just because they are "exactly like these" does nothing for the real value of your kit. Please understand, not trying to be difficult or a jerk, but what if your kit has severe pitting, rust, etc....? You then go try to sell them citing our evaulatuon, and we become instant crackpots....
Please understand, many people around the world come here asking for values on the stuff they have, and we are "the experts" and if we tell people they are looking at 1000 for a nice kit, and we then find out the kit we valued is not the actual kit and the one that was sold is damaged, we become an "unreliable source"...see what I'm getting at? Not trying to harm you in any way, but to say your kit is worth $XXXX.XX and it is not up to snuff....
Also, please include the composition of the materials used, fiberglass, wood, mix...
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