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Default Re: "Best" Sounding Heads For MIJ Kits

Originally Posted by bpmdrummer View Post
I have St George MIJ kit that is my go-to gigging kit. I use Aquarian Modern Vintage II's on the toms with ambassadors as the resonant heads. Also a Superkick 2 as the batter on the bass drum. They have a great feel and thuddy punch, but the tuning range leaves a little bit to be desired. I should also note I worked on the edges a bit on these drums, they were basically nonexistent when I acquired them, that will definitely be a big factor in your drums' sound.

It's the only set I use modern vintage heads on, otherwise it's Emperors and Ambassadors for everything.
St. George? Now that is an MIJ kit I haven't heard of. Very cool! Do you have pictures?

I'm glad you found the right drumheads for your kit. I'm kind of done experimenting for awhile. I don't have the energy, or the money, to start looking at Aquarian drumheads. My brain can only stand so much comparing! I've gone back to my Evans G1's, but I did change the res heads to Evans EC resonant heads and I am liking this package. And that's where it's staying for the foreseeable future!
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