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Default Re: "Best" Sounding Heads For MIJ Kits

Another follow-up post.

After being convinced that the Calftone heads were perfect and put them on all my drums, I've run into a problem with my floor tom drumhead. The sound just went flat. Like I was hitting a flat note. No matter how or where I tried to tune it, it wouldn't sound right. I tried everything, even re-tuning and changing the res head, but to no avail. Finally, in frustration, I put the G1 back on, and it tuned right up! No issues!

I've looked over the Calftone, and I can't see any issues, no delamination or separation or anything visible. I can't figure out what happened to it, but there is something definitely wrong. It's to bad, I really was digging the sound.

I can't say I wasn't warned, drumbob did warn me...
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