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Originally Posted by wayne View Post
At the risk of being "burned", i doubt there are low lifes here that stoop THAT LOW. Why would a guy,[gal] come here to rip us off intentionally? It makes me happy to report a smooth deal and most of us appreciate that, i think. As much as the good guys are mentioned so should the bad apples be brought out, ONLY if its something that can be proven.
Forgive me here Wayne...

... but why the quotes on my post? I do believe you may have misinterpreted what I wrote: Simply... this thread shall remain. I see NO PROBLEM with a thread that openly acknowledges transactions between VDF members that have gone smoothly with both parties completely, and happily, satisified. It was drumhack that offered his opinion which stated he didn't like such a thread/topic... and that is an opinion he is completely entitled to. That said, again... the thread shall remain! I'm not quite sure exactly what you are referencing in your post.. especially with quoting mine. But... no harm no foul!

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