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Default Rogers Mercury Bass Drum

I have this drum...,HbUvY2H,mDk...5Xkw,RSlPKTj#5
There are 6 pics total that you can click through by hitting the previous and next buttons.
I play electronic drums ( don't hate me!) and I've been using this drum with a light inside as a stage prop that I set in front of my roland kit. It occurred to me it might be a collectors item and maybe someone out there would be really happy to have it. It's in fairly good shape. I took a picture of a rusty lug and chipped hoop paint to show the worst part of the drum. I mounted a light in it, but took care that the mounting caused zero damage to the drum.

Could anyone tell me what exactly I have , what a fair price would be, and the best place to sell it? This is for sale so feel free to make an offer.
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