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Default Rescued: Aluminum Badge 7 X 14 Radio King

Hello to all – first post! I would like to share a few items that I have casually collected. I’m usually the bassist in a band and drums were never my regular instrument – I would describe my skills on a drum set as marginally functional. However, they’ve recently started capturing my attention at music stores, antique malls, pawn shops, drummer acquaintances, etc.… I’m grateful to all here for your generously and freely shared collective knowledge. I’ve been reading here for a while, and I’ve learned at least one thing for sure: Everyone likes pictures! – So, I won’t neglect that important part of participation. Please let me know if I’ve misidentified anything.
I present my first submission – a WWII-era Aluminum Badge 7 X 14 Slingerland Radio King. I saw it on a shelf in the back room of a mom-pop music shop (which recently closed). It had no top hoop or rods, no strainer, no muffler knob, toasted duco, and evidence of moisture exposure. I removed the remaining hardware, shined it up (I only hand-polish with Flitz), and sent the shell with badge to Precision for a wrap job and a light edge & bed dressing – it came back beautiful, of course. I bought new parts: the Gibraltar SV-GVO strainer (I drilled no new holes to fully accommodate it – the top 2 are holding it securely enough although I know I should make an adapter plate until a correct three-point comes along), new Gibraltar hoops for both sides, eight rods & washers (originals on bottom), a thumbnut for a muffler knob & nylon washer, and Puresound Blaster wires. From there I proceeded to learn my first potentially serious lesson (and I’m sure this has been previously discussed here): wrapping a drum that was previously only painted can impact head fitment. I averted this consequence by getting Aquarian American Vintage heads (they were still a snug fit). Of course, I kept the original bottom hoop and snare wires.
I think this one is probably a keeper, as I undoubtedly have more invested in it than it’s worth, given the shell condition, added wrap and missing parts. When I found it, it was teetering on the edge of a dumpster – now it is a nice-looking, good-sounding playable instrument that could someday be upgraded with some correct parts. Later, I may ask for opinions as to value for a couple other things in my collection that perhaps should sometime soon find a new home.
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