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Default Re: Another “How much is my old K worth” question...

Looks like a IIIb to me. Here's my analysis of pricing based on completed sales:

In my pricing work I group all Old Stamps together to get sample sizes which are larger and give more stable estimates. If you follow that link you will see that I divide the 18" cymbals up by weight and yours is in the under 1800g category:

Old Stamp: Expected median price $750 with half selling for between $500 and $900 n=24

More details on how condition influences estimated price, and a background to the boxplot graphics I use are found on the Avedis Zildjian page:

Yours looks to be in good to excellent condition. How prices vary between Europe (including the UK) versus the USA/Canada is a more complicated topic which I have done a little work in. But international economic comparisons are notoriously difficult. All the prices I give are in US Dollars and exclude shipping.
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