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Default Re: Another “How much is my old K worth” question...

Originally Posted by peoniam View Post
Hey all... I have an 18” K type IIb old stamp 1342g drilled for 8 rivets, centre hole fits modern stands, in realy good condition / no issues, that I’m considering putting up for sale. I’d really like to hear what kind of value you think it may be worth. I can post pics, if you like. It’d have to be worth my while to sell, as it is a real beauty and there’s no burning need for the cash, except that I wouldn’t mind getting a new snare...! If I do put it up for sale it’d be posted in this forum first, but I am based in England so shipping may be quite pricey to the U.S. etc.
A few pictures and a clear one of the stamp would be helpful. While you seem to be on top of what you have, you might be surprised how often Old K stamps are misidentified. Drumaholic and Zenstat are the two people most likely to give you an accurate value for it in the current market.
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