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Default Re: Paint stripping over a wrap

Originally Posted by Glaze148 View Post
Iím very frightened now. Yikes.
So I guess you are advising against paint stripper, or thinner.
I was planning on starting that approach in a few days.
What about all the paint dust.
I realize that a mask would be necessary.
Iím not sure my hands would hold up to that much sanding.
considering my arthritis. Itís a big drum.
I guess I could give it a go, and a backup plan would be to have Precision re wrap it.
Iím not interested in making money off of it to any great extent Thank you very much for your detailed technique
I did all the sanding outside, so the dust was no problem. Use a mask if youíd like. As far as any chemicals, I stay away from them except on bare wood shells for fear of wrap damage. Once that Seam starts coming up, itís never the same again.
Here is another before/after of a 14x14 Clubdate Tom I did. Again, about 20 hours including the chrome cleaning.
Iíd offer to do the work for you, but it would be by the drum based on the amount of work needed. I couldnít get to it until fall.
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