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Default I'm looking for some help with this Slingerland Two to One COB

I was donated this 2 to 1 COB that needs a little TLC. I'm sure someone here can give me a few tips.

The bearing edges appear to be straight but the shell has taken a few knocks over the TDR strainer and a couple of lugs. How easy is it to knock these out? I read of a rubber mallet and bag of sand trick - is that the best method? I know not much can be done regarding the pitting on the chrome but a good polish with Autosol is my plan.

Lugs appear to be in good condition and only a little surface rust on the tension rods. They should be easy enough to clean up.

The strainer rubber washer has perished - I read that the hardware store is the best option to find a suitable alternative.

Rims just need a good clean - aluminium foil!?! then more Autosol?

What heads and snare wires would be recommended?
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