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Default Re: 1968 PEARL TIGER EYE - To Restore or Not to Restore???


This wrap is pretty awesome and from what I read around here pretty sought after. I can't imagine finding it to wrap your tom, but there are guys around here that could recommend the when are where of how to get close. I would check Precision Drum Co and Walopus for wraps that are close. There may be others.

I'd get some 3 & 1 oil on those lug nuts. Let them sit for a day or two. Then see if you can get them to free up. If not you can replace the interior guts of the lug and get new tension rods.

If it were me, I'd go for it. Yeah it would be a challenge - but think of the reward of bringing that back to life! But, that is up to you if you're up to the work and the investment. That being said, that bass drum looks scary. Is it wet? I'd get a solution of bleach and water (start with 4 to 1 - that's 4 water to 1 bleach), apply it with a spray bottle and get it in the sun. See what happens. Don't soak it but you want to kill any mildew spores in the wood. You could then paint the interiors white and it will hide all past sins.

btw - I have seen the occasional tom on ebay in this wrap. Another option.

Let us know what you end up doing and best of luck with it either way!

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