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Default Re: 60's Slingerland set

Originally Posted by idrum4fun View Post
Hi David!

I have a beautiful 1967 Slingerland kit with original "era specific" heads! Slingerland's original spec for these heads were 7.5mil, meaning you would need a Remo coated Diplomat. Granted, that's a thin head for most of us! Ludwig has some great heads, which are also 7.5mil, but use a thicker coating. Excellent heads. For all-around playing, I might go with Remo coated Ambassadors, which are the industry standard thickness of 10mil, single ply.

Diplomat batters all around would be fun. Don't think I've ever tried that. I used to go Emp/Amb [always coated] but now it seems to be all Amb/Dip [still coated]...I guess I've been trying to open the drums up a bit, get more "flap".

7.5mil is a pretty specific answer to "era specific". Nice.

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