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Default Re: Ludwig Black Panther

I'm not worried about the work. Im excited about it! I love it! I been bored till i found these! I recently aquired a blue vistalite kit that was in amazing condition! All it needed was a few small parts on one side of the tom tree and a snare and me! This is a fun project for me. There's a few hickeys on them, but I bet I can fix em'. The waiting part drives me crazy, but i usually work on polishing the lugs and rims while im waiting for glue, paint, or parts to soak. The end is what is excruciating. Everything's done except for that last little part you need to make it all perfect. lol This kit has the parts I need to finish off the vistalite kit. Imagine that! I had a royce kit I gave to my nephew 2 weeks ago. When I got the royce kit it was missing all the t rods and claws on the front head. Well guess what? I had them in stock! I installed them on the Royce kit, and gave em to my nephew. Im pretty sure they would have matched my Panthers perfectly! has that ever happened to you?
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