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Default Re: Dec 6, 2010 - Reminder - Sections Closing

Originally Posted by GAR View Post
I'll miss the Buy/Sell/Trade/Wanted section.
I've been able to buy some hard to find parts, and help out a few guys looking for specific parts as well.
One of the largest sources of vintage parts has publicly left the forum anyways, due to another criticizing thread. We will miss him much more than he misses us, I can guarantee that much. There are some who have his contact info but the new guy to the forum loses out on an opportunity to get a hard to find part now. What a shame and a tremendous loss of a good guy and teriffic resource of both parts and information.

I may do some research and get a percentage of parts wanted posts he responded to. I will bet it is a higher percentage than any other three people on here, combined.

(This is just me taking up for Mikey777. I have been holding it back for a couple days until I could find a neutral delivery of my intended message)


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