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Default Re: B/O super sensitive project

Hey Mike!

Yeah, I somewhat regretted not grabbing one I found there. It was super clean and even had the original heads still on it.

I did see it on the bay shortly thereafter but ended up going this route.

The first drum presented better than it was in the ad. Supposedly it was a player but one side was bent and the snares could not lay flat- it'd buzz like a beehive! Then rather than throw a bunch of parts at it the second one came up and I grabbed that. This second one is only slightly less nice than the one I found at the show (but that one was still better). It also had some mechanical issues but we are all good now as you probably know if you read all my drivel...

I think once this repaired/restored whatever one sells , my out of pocket will be well below that one from the show and be 90+% of that drum. And I would have done the same cleaning labor to that too, so that's a wash.

Then if I let my acrolite go, I might end up with this for free! But the acrolyte is pretty sweet....

Oh, and i need a new set of oem snares. I'll probably order those tomorrow.
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