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Default Re: 14 and 6/8ths of an inch Cymbal???

Yes I remember seeing the Zildjian disclaimer on exact diameters, but I don't remember when it was from either. Hopefully it is in my notes somewhere.

Hats were advertised as pairs from the 1940s. The Swish was patent applied for Swish cymbal Feb 7, 1938 granted US 2189095 Feb 6, 1940. I haven't yet found the Flange Hats patent number.

And yes it is also possible that more cymbals 15" and under in diameter were sold as singles than as pairs. And of course we can't really tell if a pair of vintage cymbals being sold today as a pair of hats left the factory as a pair. Some have model ink saying Hi-Hat but based on analysis of weights we can pick that others are more likely to be marching band cymbals now in use as hats, and/or spot pairing where somebody paired up a lighter cymbal with a marching or band bottom (DIY New Beat style decades before New Beats). You can see the New Beat ratio come in during the 1960s (bottoms well outside the the "matched weight hats" line I've added). The circles are around some usual specimens include a Trans Stamp pairing (in black) which stands out due to the heavy bottom light top. In this case that pair is actually an early 1940s Pre Trans cymbal over a Zilco TM stamped cymbal -- another piece of evidence that they probably aren't factory. But you never know. They were classified as Trans in this graph just to put them in their proper decade as "early".

Does the old Premier catalog page you attached come from somewhere on VDF and sister sites? I've seen a few Premier examples but not that one, so I'd be interested to know the source. BTW, the Zinjian pictured is Italian (UFIP) as best we can tell.
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