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Default Re: 50's Gretsch Round Badge Restoration

Wow, I missed this. Thanks for the plug, John.

Yes they are still for sale. Please PM for details if you are interested. AND, I know who has a floor tom.

Appreciate it!


Originally Posted by Purdie Shuffle View Post
Hey Jeff, Gravy has two early 60's Gretsch drums for sale, a bass and tom. All the hardware is there, the shells are good, and the price is right! If you really want one of these (like mine,) talk to Gravy. You can do like I did and add a floor tom later to complete the kit.

Gravy is good people, you might be able to work out a good deal with him for the two pieces. If I hadn't already done this one, I'd be all over Gravy's two drums and do it all over again. Check em out.

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