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Default April 1, 2006 - Cymbal Web Site

No April fools joke here!! I decided recently to expand the web site into other areas and purchased 5 new domains!!!

These are currently being parked until my new server is set up!. Yep, my server guru is making a career change and decided to lighten his work so he is going to purchase a brand new server so I can migrate all of my domains over to it. Besides VSD, I have probably 6 other web sites I webmaster for plus the 5 new domains it is a big project and will take time.

The main web site was intended to be just about drums and from the beginning I wanted to do cymbals and my favorite drummers. It all has been lumped into this web site and I really need to separate it.

So here are the new domains: (current sample click here) (later project to handle all of my drummer stuff)

Here are some I have been holding for years

In regards to the cymbal web site I have plenty of literature to add and currently will be collecting cymbal stamps and cymbal images from a few personal sources. It will include sound files and links to purchasing cymbals and learning more about history, cymbal design and cymbal characteristics.

My web site has been on for over 6 years and I have always intended on growing it and making it bigger and better and the natural progression for me and the information is to organize it by domains and not on one web site.

At first I will probably gather cymbal stamps from Ebay, but I also have someone that has a ton of vintage cymbals and will be sending me images of the stamps, cymbals and sound files to start building the web site

I almost forgot! I probably have about 25 cymbals in my collection!

More later on the other domains and what I plan on doing with them.

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