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Default Re: Zildjian's latest

Originally Posted by O-Lugs View Post
I don't understand why Zildjian doesn't just start making old style K's again. They seem to be able to do everything else imaginable....but can't make an old
The hammering on the first picture looks kinda good....until I realized there was that maltose cross pattern of holes of whatever they are. Do not like.

But I still love my old 70's A's and my Vintage rides and hi hats and crashes from the now-discontinued series from several years ago. I LOVED those.

All this other stuff just seems....goofy.
Yes goofy is indeed the operative word here. And you know why they don't try to start making an old K. type cymbal? Because it would cost them way too much. Not enough profit margin could be squeezed out of them. And because they would need an entire group of trainable hand hammering apprentices which they currently don't have, that would add even more to the cost of production. And you all saw what the EAK's were like right? Not like old K's in sound, nor in appearance. Hammered like old K's with approximately as much hammering? No, not at all. They had maybe maybe 1/4 as much as an old K. And the same hammering techniques and tools like they had back in the old days are long gone. And the artisans who developed their own unique methods along with their own unique tools such as hammers that were ground to satisfy their own personal taste are gone with them. And ditto that on the lathing techniques as well as those old cutting bits. All gone.

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