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Default Zildjian's latest

Behold the latest. Simply pure genius! It the new cluster F*CK
series. Right now its just pyramid shapes, but soon to be available in a variety of assorted ones: circles, rectangles, X's, parallelograms, you name it!

And that's not all folks. They've become increasingly geometric in their hammering with this Constantinople line as of late. In the earliest days of this series, what they formerly referred to as "random hammering" has over the years gradually and subtly evolved into this; a graceful cauli Florette pattern:

Right, but it's not actually so random anymore. Consider that the Istanbul K. Zildjian hammering style at least gave us what appeared to us as being randomly hammered. But certianly not these. Here's the template currently used for Zildjian's Constantinople series hammering pattern:

The hammering pattern is based on a program which is compter generated; and is nothing more than a manufactured version of a Mandelbrot fractal pattern, which I showed in the illustration above. It's nothing more and nothing less than a mathamatically based model pattern that seems to have become standard on most of their K. Con. cymbals these days.

But you've gotta love Zildjian. They're just overflowing with geometrically oriented ideas these days. And if you stare long enough at these Mandlebrot images, your head begins to spin and it makes you feel nauseous. Thanks Zildjian.

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