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Default Brooklyn, Renown toms; Pearl Snare; Rogers & Camco stands; Paiste; Tama; MIJ, etc.

Here is what I am looking for:
Gretsch USA Custom drums in Walnut or Rosewood finish (80's era Square badges preferred) Sizes: 12" tom, 20" or 22" bass. Player's grade are fine as the drums they would go with are player's grade.

If the value of your stuff exceeds mine, I will kick in cash or other gear.

Here is what I have to trade:
-12" Gretsch Renown - Inca Gold Sparkle-lacquer finish. No Mount; Like new
-18" Ludwig floor tom in Red wrap - Monroe badge
-Camco flat based hi-hat stand. Clutch may/not be original, but I suspect the bolt in place of the wing screw is not. Has ribbon type strap instead of leather.
-14" Beverly hi-hat cymbals
-Tama Swingstar snare - 14x6
-WhiteHall snare - incomplete and have original blue sparkle wrap underneath contact paper that has been painted gold. The contact paper could be removed.
-MIJ Snare- Slingerland style lugs with stick saver type hoops - has a red wrap over original Red Marine Pearl wrap; Round Clock face strainer not working currently - needs spring possibly!?!
-Flat based snare or (cymbal possibly) stand that has been modified to be a tom stand to hold 2 slide type tom mounts. Includes one MIJ slide type mount.
-Vintage Swan Leg Rogers - Swivomatic Memriloc transition era Hi-hat stand. Has some rust and flakey chrome
-80's / 90's era Tama tom mount that holds 2 toms
-various Roland clamps

Most things are pictured here:

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