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Default Re: Vintage 1960's? Leedy floor tom drum in sparkling gold pearl.

Originally Posted by lucky View Post
I think that drum is from the 50’s, I’ll have to look at it on my bigger monitor, the date stamp is blurry.
You can check the badge and get an approximate date here on the forum.
The floor tom leg mounts look like the Slingerland with push buttons, but again, I’ll have to look at your pics on a bigger screen.
Nice drum, love mahogany drums!!
You're correct it's the 1957-1958 badged era. ths is slingerland leedy era. the shell is slingerland with leedy hardware. It looks like a previous owner wasn't much up on proper restoration, these are fantastic sound drums. as lucky stated the mahogany interiors are sweet sounding.
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