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Default Re: Mystery Turkish(?) Arabic Stamp - Not an Old K Con

So here we are with some annotated pictures. I don't have an existing naming convention to use, so I'm making up names for the pictorial elements. Here is the comparison annotated

and the original stamp from the thread which is different in some details from the one Drumaholic used, but I've shown some common pictorial elements

Then the one you are asking about with some pictorial elements shown

and finally a K Zildjian Constantinople stamp showing some of the common pictorial elements it shares with the K Con example Drumaholic gave.

I have only given a brief sketch of what actually gets done to do proper artifact analysis using pictorial attributes. Hopefully you see what I mean now. The stamp impression you are asking about isn't all that clear and the photo is quite small. If we had a better and bigger photo we might be able to see a bit more.
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