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Default Re: Pearl Vintage Drum Set Kit Rare Art Blakey 18/10/12/12/13/14/16/14 70's Maple

Originally Posted by idrum4fun View Post
It's a cool kit, but not sure why the seller refers to it as and "Art Blakey". The only "Art Blakey" kit is shown in the 1974 catalog, and it's a 4pc. I messaged the seller to find out more. Let's see if he responds.

Tompeter is some kind of automated/bot account. They never post anything but for sale posts and they're always linked to different eBay accounts. It's weird. You'd need to contact the eBay seller to find out why they think they have an eight-piece Blakey set.

Currently looking for a 3-ply 24x14 Ludwig in champagne sparkle w/rail consolette and cymbal mount!

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