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Default Re: Feb 1, 2010 - Pearl Catalogs

Hey thanks, the email address is

I did get to adding more last night. I will also fill out the Masters, Export and Maxwin in the days to come. I have a Masters catalog showing up today from Tommyp, and some more on disc and yet to be scanned. I also wrote up a small article about Pearl catalogs and history on one of the TDE sites. Pearl Catalog History

With Pearl USA having everything from 1964 - present already scanned, but not on the web site and everything pre-1964 in the Japan archives. I'm not sure if it will every be scanned and displayed.

This is why I go on these missions and Pearl is going to maxed out in the weeks to come. Then I will probably jump into Gretsch, Leedy or another company that needs updating on the main web site.

Thanks for the scans, I will email when I get them.


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