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Default Re: Supra snare troubles and questions

Originally Posted by Olddrumgeek View Post
Having said that it would be better with thinner cord arrgh! But realy I've never had this much trouble with a snare before. Stand fast JD15...
It appears the devil is in the details on some things. The puresound snares have different clips on their different types: blasters = pitched ends, customs = angled ends and custom pro = bent corners. Given this, I think I just want to go with something close to the vintage chrome wires that these drums came with (as stated here I this thread somewhere) and the Ludwig cord I just got in the mail today - which is thinner than what I have on the drums now.

I realize at this point, most people that read this thread think I'm a noob or 13 years old, but I just never came across this before. Like fret buzz for a guitarist, this is really annoying.
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