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Default The 5 snares every drummer should own-The "Iconic" Snares


I was thinking about this question after the "Most Recorded Snare" thread that was posted recently. If you had to name five snare drums that every drummer should have, what would you say?

This isn't necessarily YOUR 5 favorite snares, but other considerations should be factored in, like popularity, longevity in the market place, versatility, famous endorsers etc. You know, the "Iconic" factor!

Considering the points above, for me, of the 5 snares every drummer should have, 3 of them would be basically no brainers: A Ludwig Supraphonic, A Ludwig Black Beauty and a Ludwig Acrolite. Those all fit the popularity, versatility and longevity (and iconic) factors to a T.

My fourth would be a Rogers Dynasonic, and I'm not sure what my fifth would be. Slingerland Radio King? Slingerland Sound King? Some other "Boutique" type snare, like a Brady Jarrah or a Craviotto? Yamaha brass piccolo (popularized by Vinnie and Weckl)? Fibes (popularized by Buddy)? Pearl Jupiter (Copeland)? Ludwig Super Sensitive? Jazz Fest? Pioneer? It's tough choice, at least for me. I'm going to say a Radio King to round out my five.

How about your five?
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